Practice Areas

Commercial Leasing

Del Monte Landblom understands the varying interests of all parties involved in a transaction. Our collective experience includes representing landlords and tenants in leasing raw land and equipment, retail office, restaurant, and warehouse space.

Our team ensures that your lease is negotiated and drafted to protect both your short- and long-term interests. We know the property management side of a deal post-closing, and the result is that we are acutely aware of the practical aspects of lease administration and enforcement when negotiating and drafting a lease.

Numerous considerations go into reviewing and/or drafting commercial leases where the issues can be both complex and costly if not adequately addressed. We recommend that an attorney review even your "simple" leases.

Real Estate & Development

Our firm represents real estate buyers, sellers, and developers. We can assist with your real estate transactions, and address issues including

● Financing
● Title
● Survey
● Easements
● CC&Rs
● REAs
● property management agreements

We can help you navigate landlord/tenant issues such as rent disputes and lease defaults, and we can assist clients in construction matters, as well. Our firm strives to help you build and maintain repeatable, sustainable business practices related to design, construction and lease administration

General Business Law

Whether you start a new business and need formation documents, or are a sizable, established company, our attorneys have the expertise to assist and guide you. We are exceptionally qualified to meet your legal needs.

We often serve as corporate or outside general counsel, as we advise corporations about:

● Entity formation and related documentation
● Contract review
● Negotiation and drafting of corporate contracts
● Non-disclosure agreements
● Vendor agreements
● Employment issues and independent contractor agreements
● Corporate resolutions
● Equipment leases
● Bills of sale