Specialty Areas


All of our attorneys have extensive experience in real estate development and particularly in the area of restaurant leases. Because we understand the intricacies of leasing from both the landlord's and the tenant's points of view, we can assist you in negotiating and drafting a lease you can live with for decades.

We know the development process from both a legal and business perspective and can interface with your real estate, design, and construction teams when preparing a lease.

Our firm represents you -- whether you are a first-time franchisee/franchisor or a seasoned developer or operator. We understand the business side of opening a restaurant, and specialize in structuring leases for raw land, pad sites, in-line
locations, and second generation space.

Our perspective exceeds legal technicalities. We work as your advisor to effectively and efficiently accomplish your objectives.

Franchisor Representation

Our attorneys’ experience includes working as in-house counsel for
national and international restaurant companies. We represent franchisors and assist them in crafting documents that safeguard their brand by preserving the longevity and transferability of the locations they so carefully select.

We know the requirements of in-house development teams and will assist and collaborate with your in-house legal, real estate, and design and construction teams. We’ll negotiate and draft leases that meet internal leasing requirements and timelines, as well as the requirements of lender, investors, and/or others who hold an ownership interest in your company.

Franchisee Representation

Being a franchisee presents countless opportunities and challenges. In commercial leasing, a franchisee must negotiate a lease that both safeguards their tremendous financial investment, and complies with the specific franchisor requirements set out in their franchise agreement.

Our attorneys have extensive experience working with and advising franchisees. We carefully guide you through the leasing process, interface with your franchisor as necessary, and help you to build best practices to preserve and protect your business as you grow.